This section of the site's not unlike a souvenir shop, except that it won't cost you anything. That, and it's doubtful you'll want to remember anything you stumbled across in this mire of hackwork, but that's neither here nor there. Owing to the skill and drive of Those Responsible both lacking, there is admittedly a paucity of actual downloads at the mo' but that should change. In theory.


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  • Really Really Really Cheesey! - Collated and zipped up for your viewing pleasure, all surviving strips from Really Really Really Cheesey, the fanstrip that began before its parent even officially started, and grew to be an equal alongside Turing's Folly for a short but highly amusing time. Credit for their actual creation, of course, goes to Mr. Steven Nall.

    (Hey! Lookin's for free...The rest'll cost ya.)