It appears once in a while, certain talented readers are compelled by unspeakable demonic forces (presumably) to produce a tribute to me and my genius.
This may take the form of one-shot images, whole fanstrips or stranger things yet, but incredibly appear they do.

Blaze (The Roomeys)
This is one of three salvaged pieces of handdrawn fanart lovingly crafted by Blaze from the Turing's Folly era. The first of these is Barky Dog sleeping off the effects of an overdose of Undie-O's, and the horrible dreams that follow. (And yes, these Undie-O's are an inside joke.)
This second work depicts Erik and his bosom (*snicker* huh huh huh, I said bosom) companion Mr. Axe, the stabilizing half of the relationship, in an uncommon moment of calm relaxation. That grin is seriously evil.
And finally, here's the piscine overdaemon himself, King Phil Mephishto! Though the eyes and mouth are far more menacing than I ever managed, I can't help but think the Burger King emblem detracts from his ferocity somewhat.
Along with this fine pencilwork, Blaze also contributed this lovely work of MS Paintery, or possibly Photoshoppery, truly worthy of the Turing's Folly legacy. I don't care what anyone says, Phil looks good as a maverick hunter.

Jim (Mourning Glory)
A remix of the reboot of Turing's Folly. I think it works a little better on a visceral level, myself.

("Work" I "Did" Myself)