"...And so, as you see, the flow of these streams of power cannot intersect with a postitron-based matrix, as I have here." The professor jabbed a delicate finger at the board as his students struggled to keep up with the eccentric master sorceror. "For example, if the thaumatargical energy transmution is equal heat energy, and I have a handful of standard oxidization," He punctuated his tirade with a shouted word of power, and a bluish-green flame burst to life in his right palm, "...what am I doing wrong?"

   The room filled with a low murmur as the apprentice magi worked out the puzzle he had given them. A slim, green-haired youth in the back stood, though with trepidation. "Ah...If you wish to conjure flame, then the simplest thing to do would be to channel quintessence into molecular agitation for regular fire, rather than injecting energy directly into the material substances and risking miscast."

   Al-Kowarizmi nodded sagely, extinguishing the unnatural flame with a gesture. "Very good. Okay, that's all until Friday's tutorial. Any questions, speak with me."

   This picture here, my first "full" drawring in a while (though only uploaded a month or so after it was drawn) was drawn during Maths. Feeling a bit bored, I decided to use my teacher as a model as he was up there prattling away.

   Now, you have under understand that this professor, Omar Kihel by name, is a very energetic individual. This combined, with a strong accent, makes MATH 1P67 something of an adventure as we attempt to puzzle out what he's saying before he's rubbed it out on the blackboard. Nevertheless, watching him, I drew a vaguely human figure. Following instinct, I then gave him a board festooned with arcane symbols, various alchemical devices, and a handful of magic fire. Al-Kowarizmi, named after the originator of the Algorithm (An Arab mathematician in the Dark Ages), teacher of entry-level sorcery and thaumatargical theory.

   It's important to point out that the sketch was a little faded when I got around to scanning it. I thought I'd whip out my lovely new mechanical pencil and touch up the head, hands...A little bit of everything. Yes, the head used to look MUCH better (The eyes in particular), and the hand with the fire was a little bit better. As to the rest, well, it's not so bad. Overall, the picture is far more satisfying in person, but that's a given. Yep, I just might be improving here a little. Perhaps.

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