A seagull rampant, in heraldric terms. With an odd stab at perspective, the birdy perches on a rock on a beach. That's the sea behind him, and then the sand, see, and then there's a grassy bit. And so forth.

   Thanks to an-almost thorough scouring of the scan my means of MS Paint, coupled with a little fiddling about with the initial settings, the lines are alternately heavy and non-existant in a less jarring manner than before. Practice makes perfect? Yes, but only after time.

   The devil is really in the details on this one. The wings are okay, but they and the head just seem to flow into the body in the most unnatural manner. There should definitely be some sort of distinction or something...Also, the legs are too damned scrawny and the landscape behind the bird is lacking at best. Maybe I should practice drawing someting actually in front of me and getting THAT right before I go imagining all this fanciful nonsense like heraldric seagulls and whatnot.

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