Some horrible calamity has driven this poor chap to climb onto the top of a very narrow building of some kind, perhaps a covered chimney, and fall to his knees bellowing his sorrow and dismay. I'm guessing it's because he appears to have been transformed into an ambulatory paper doll.

   I guess the chair and the ladder could counted as pluses, but much of the rest I'm not at all happy about. His clothes appear to have been painted on, he's two-freaking-dimensional, and that shoe! My god, that shoe! The hands I could take or leave. Better than my usual, but as we all know, that's not saying much.

   Like Dinosaur! before it, this was a relatively small doodle in the corner of a sketchpad page. That accounts for at least some of the rough scanning, as well as the tatty bottom where I had to touch things up a bit because the page was rather dog-eared. I should learn to scan this stuff sooner, there's less...fading.

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