Bet you thought this section might have become "extinct", eh? Hohoho. In this Jurassic Park-ian little vignette, we see a hapless bystander express his dismay as a powerful carnosaur of some indeterminate variety batters down a concrete barricade. I actually think the head of the carnosaur turned out reasonably well, considering.

   As for the rest, part of the awful appearance is a result of poor scanning, as usual. Mind you, that's no good excuse since I was in charge of that as well. The little human figure is inexcusably rough, the use of shading to show the insides of the busted concrete walls was clearly a bad idea, and that pile of debris is iffy at best. What bothers me most is the paucity of straight lines. Maybe I should just use a ruler?

   To be fair, this was originalyl a lil' dodole at the corner of a sketchpad page, and expansion will have magnified all the errors I've assuredly made anyhow. Heck, at the time, I thought this was the business. Mind you, this was scanned several months after I drew it.

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