(Panel One)
Man #1: You! I am enraged!
Man #2: *Thinking* Oh, that's rarely a good sign.
(Panel Two)
Man #1: You sold me a faulty goldfish! What do you have to say for yourself? (Grrr...)
(Panel Three)
Narrator: But before he could reply...
Man #1: EGAD! Aliens!
Man #2: *Thinking* Crikey!
   I can honestly say this is, as of Nov. 2003, my finest work yet. The proportion (where relevant) isn't too hideously freakish, and the lines that are supposed to be straight border on, in fact, straight. Right, those are the good points.

   The bad points exist in teeming numbers; Saliently, dubious shading, bluntness of pencil employed, extraordinarily crude facial features, poor lettering, scanning even more catastrophic than usual (Note the clipped right side), and generally the ever-present reek of desperate incompetence everything I craft just seems to give off like a hideous beast trying to attract a mate.

   On the technical side, I actually managed to do this in only a few hours, with (as always) no clear idea of what I wanted to do. It represents, I like to think, a small step forward, but there are still many steps to take before I can drag myself free of the artistic bog I find myself in. Perhaps if I tried inking it it'd look better?

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