As you can see from all the little half-erased lines, I had a daemon of a time with this daemon fish. The perspective was never quite right, but at least in this final version he doesn't look like a skull with a little tail.

   Yes, for sure the proudest parts of this pic are the developmental stages, where I tried again and again to get the jaw and shape of his face to look less horrible and almost succeeded. Just goes to show - can't be afraid to put lines down, as you can always erase and try again and again and again. The way his eyes don't quite point the same way was something I was going to correct, but given what a goofy character Brigadier Icthys is, why?

   In spite of my attempt to get the three-quarter perspective correct, I worked hard on the tail but it still doesn't look like he's in mid-undulation. And the lines used on his smaller side fins are entirely too weak, ditto the gills. He must be short of breath, and yet his little lure shines on like a beacon of inept malignancy. What an inspiration he is.

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