Right. Well. It's been a couple of years, I think, since anything appeared here, and this marks the start of a whole new row of drawrings. A whole row of half-decent ones to boot. I must have appeased the Art Gods correctly for once. Oh, also, you'll note that this and several following pics are labelled as "sketchs" in the file names when they're more properly considered doodles. Little administrative miscalculation on my part, eh?

   For a depiction of Generic Glasses Guy, the proportions are decent. Given that it was, apparently, supposed to be a depiction of Philamondrae Schumacher Stein-Xerxes, not so much. Glasses are the wrong shape, shirt is cut all wrong, he has what appears to be a bit of a spare tire, no ears visible when they clearly ought to be highly noticable, and that hair? Frizzy as hell, which is also all wrong. Now, I wasn't looking at the picture of Phil when I was doodling this, and it HAD been a few weeks/months since I had done a strip, but COME ON. Given that Phil is an old picture of yours truly, you'd think I could get a depiction of MYSELF half-decent.

   On a more positive side, a few technical details are indeed falling into place. That is, I've got a face that could conceivably be interpreted as a face and a body that looks like it could belong to a member of the human race. Baby steps, baby steps.

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