My inaugural sketch, of sorts. I had a sort of desert nomad with a mighty scimitar, silhouetted against an alien landscape in mind when I started out, but it quickly degenerated in some sort of ninja-guy. It's the first to be hosted on the generous (Perhaps too generous) Keenspace servers. And yes, it is indeed irredeemably awful.

   So what have I learned from this? For starters, it looks both better and worse IRL; Better, because a lot of the lines are better defined than the scan manages, and worse because a lot of extraneous lines are also plainly visible. So lesson #1 for Robin: Go back over the important lines and stuff.

   I think I actually did alright on a few points, mind. The face manages to be somewhat menacing, and the cut-off camp in the background looked alright. As usual, the worst problem is human proportion. One of those arms appears to have been stolen from Popeye, and the other perhaps from Olive Oyl (Not a total loss, this; My wit's getting a workout, at the very least). Learning to draw a straight line wouldn't go amiss either. Ah well, if at first you don't succeed...

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