Here's a second little doodle, this time of Twobyeightinchflame Man. And as with the previous doodle, I've managed to get the basic shape of A face and the attendant proportions right. And his ears are about right. That's the good stuff.

   What's wrong? Well, for starters his chin is cleft for some reasons. Hair WAY spikier than it needs to be, and the goggles are tiny. The nose...the nose is closer to the mark, and I'm not sure if drawing it the "right" size with this screwball style of mine would just make it look comically huge. The fire coming out his ear - which I believe IS, proportionately, somewhere on the order of two by eight inches - is horribly basic, but will do. For now.

   Oh, and the observant will notice a little fin down at the bottom of the doodle there. That's from another drawing on the same page. I should point out that these pictures, while infinitely better scanned than those past, are on lined paper and I've done nothing to clean them up. Perhaps I'll try that later - for now, on to better and brighter things!

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