The 100% Not-Made-Up* Story Behind Proteus454

   Formed at the very dawn of time by the cosmic forces of the big bang, there descended to the nascent earth one rainy day...a rock. Our story does not begin with this rock, because quite honestly rocks are incredibly boring. I mean, they just sit there and do nothing. What's up with that? However, long after the precambrian age, this rock served as a makeshift cushion for the buttocks of none other than the universally renowned Proteus454 (For the slower among you, it's with him that the story begins. Hence the title).

   Where or when this mysterious being first reared his almost majestic head none remain who can tell for sure**, but the stories abound, creating more questions than they answer. Is he was the demigod charged with keeping the Valhallan commodes spotless? The sole genetic descendant of both Socrates and Genghis Khan? Suppose he doesn't really exist but is in fact the result of an elaborate collaboration on the part of major hollywood stars to bring hope to mankind? The world may never truly know.
The artist/writer - A reflective moment

You see what I GO THROUGH for you people?!?    What is known is that his awesome and, as far as we know, non-lethally-toxic presence has been felt in various mutant formats on the Interweb since roughly 1994. While at first he was content to scheme and ogle, eventually he would have the courage to step into the harsh light of non-lurkerdom, a decision from which the global community has yet to recover.

   Although you wouldn't know it, Protean Comics is not his first or only venture. Previous experiments with comic strippery have been archived on this very website, likewise his artistic exploits have been placed on display in direct defiance of the Geneva Conventions. As to his literary aspirations, the mind boggles.

   Yes, Proteus454 - Often imitated but never duplicated. Thank God.

   * - By 100% Not-Made-Up, of course, I mean complete and utter rot.
   ** - A few suggest he is not particularly special, but merely a college student with an overinflated ego and a cable modem. These people are depraved, slanderous cads for whom painful death is too kind.

(What Hath Proty Wrought)