Did I say better and brighter? Perhaps that was a stretch - mind you, this is perhaps the first photo ever to show you pictorial proof of the existence of Phil's legs. Whether this is a desirable milestone in anything at all is an exercise we leave to our readers.

   Well, at least the face actually looks like it belongs to Phil, unlike that last one. Also got the helmet, sword and breastplate pretty close - I think I largely succeeded in contrasting his scrawniness with the bulk of his scavenged armour. I think you'll agree, the little Ts and Fs are a nice touch as well.

   Of course, where there isn't any detail it is most conspicuous in its absence, and where there is, it's all wrong. Attempts to make little bendy tubes appear hinged fall on their face, he appears to be wearing little half-footballs on his feet, and the only kind thing I can say about about his lower proportions is that they're not AS bad as they look compared to the large breastplate.

   And the way that his torso appears to abruptly veer inwards on his right side? Not at all healthy. All told though, it's not a bad little figure, if one's going for a deformed cartoon. It would seem some focussing on legs and feet until I can get it right might be in order...

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